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It’s been an exciting start to the month of February around the Shaw house! 

We began 02/1 0 with my melanoma removal at St. Vincent’s Outpatient Surgery Center on Monday.  That is not a fun way to start the week.  Now, 18 year old Shelley did not consider how 37 year old Shelley would feel about interrupting life and having a wide area incision across the right side of her abodomen when she was lying in the tanning bed, oh, nearly 20 years ago.  But I am so ready for this tape to be off, for my stitches to be out and for my stomach to stop looking like the meat section of the grocery store.  And I am going to have to have seriously de-tox because my system is all of whack with hydrocodone and various other narcotics not to mention bigger than ususal doses of steroids running through my body.  I just feel all jacked up.  Yuck. 

But it  hasn’t been all bad.  Molly went into heat so we arranged visits with Winston, the poodle, (aka Molly’s babies daddy), who is 13 years old and in possible need of doggie viagra.  Honestly, being doped up this week is probably the only way I could *truly* handle this.  Finally, on Winston’s 5th or 6th visist Canon says, “Look mom, Winston is dancing with Molly!”  And I’m like, “yeah, I guess you could call it that.”  He finally determines that Winston is on Molly’s back looking for the puppies.  Lortab anyone? 

I got my fix of Oprah, Judge Joe Brown and R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet” hip-hopera.  That would be thanks to Mike, for dvr-ing the “most annoying but can’t look away from it” music video of all time.  We proceded to find Weird Al’s version, “Trapped in the Drive-Thru” and realized an entire hip-hopera had been written about us.  Oh and I was only taking ibuprofen so I can’t blame it on the pain meds. 

I got to sleep a little more except I will say lortabs make me feel like I’m tripping out w/r/t the dreams I was having.  I can’t remember enough of them to record them here but I do know the dreams were all too real.  So, I guess you could say I slept more but didn’t get much “rest”. 

Basically my brain has been in a little bit of overdrive.  Kind of like my dog. 

I did manage to cook, clean, oversee homework and attend a parent/teacher conference this week.  Kids probably didn’t see much difference in regular mom vs. medicated mom.  Poor Mike though.  Through sickness and in health.  He took me out tonight though.  We wound up at the Salvation Army.  He bought a lovely picture of an eagle, completely laquered on beveled wood.  NIB I might add.  Then, he bought me a piece of costume jewelry, only found at a thrift store.  It is a golden squirrel pin/brooch.  I can’t make this stuff up. 

And that my friends, is how we roll.  In the Crown Vic ’04.

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