Here’s What I Think

At this VERY moment:

I think the weather forecast is a bunch of bull.

I think it’s absolutely hilarious to watch Elaine dance on Seinfeld. 

I also think it’s interesting that the minute I bring out my laptop Mike puts his away. 

I think I’m rather frustrated that my FB app crashed on my iPhone because I have nearly 4,000 pictures stored on it.  Guess I really do need to off-load those pics.

I think I’m way overdue to cut and color my hair since I saw a recent picture of myself.

I think it sucks that my vasculitis rash is back b/c I started dosing down my prednisone. 

And I think if you’re reading this post and it’s making you uncomfortable then you need to stop reading now.

I think I see my dad driving different cars in Birmingham.  I think I see him lots of times throughout the week, in different places and I realize that, well, that’s not him. 

I think I’m sadder than I’ve ever been.

I think that I want to go to community college since I began watching the show, “Community” on NBC.  Or is it ABC?  who cares, you can DVR and skip the commercials. 

I think that I’ve made some mistakes and I am not going to correct them.

I think that my daughter is the most incredible person in the whole wide world. 

I think it’s amazing what all has happened since October 2008.

I think that 2010 is going to be VERY different than 2009.

I think that skin cancer has really cramped my style here recently.

If you are wondering what I think about anything at this present moment then I hope you have the answer.  If not, feel free to comment and I will give you the low down on what I think. 

I think that paying someone to listen to your problems is well worth the money.

I think I will do everything differently from now on. 

I think it is fascinating that I lose a friend daily, if not weekly on FB.  If you’re not into this kind of uncensored stuff then I guess I see why you wouldn’t want to be my friend on facebook.  Whatever. 

I  think arranging flowers is more fun than painting.  It may be more expensive but as long as you’re paying for therapy who cares how much flowers cost. 

I think I may regret posting all of this by tomorrow morning.  If so, I might delete it.  However, I might keep it.  Because it’s the truth.  And maybe that’s why I posted it.

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2 Responses to Here’s What I Think

  1. Shanan says:

    I love transparency and real people. Those who pretend they are perfect are, well, pretending and fake. Don’t delete – your sharing heart makes me adore you even more. I wasn’t uncomfortable and I’ll find you on facebook and keep you:) Hang in there friend – God’s grip on you is so strong…can you feel it around your hand? Or heart? If not…it’s there & will not go anywhere.

  2. Shelley says:

    shanan, what a good friend you have been and I am always blessed by your kind comments and sweet emails. I can’t quite describe how the last few months have affected me. but I appreciate your reminder, that God will not let go.

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