The Color Purple

We ate at Melodi’s favorite restaurant a couple of days ago and came home with fortune cookies in the take out bag. She got excited, realizing there was still part of the meal waiting to be enjoyed and unwrapped her cookie. Like me, she never eats them but will read them and has been known on occasion to keep the paper fortune.

I asked her, “So what’s your fortune? Got any good luck coming your way?” She goes to toss this it in the garbage and rolls her eyes, “Yeah, if I focus on the color purple.” She turns on her heel and walks away.

Immediately I grab the tossed fortune and there it is in black and white… Focus on the color purple this week to bring you good luck. I am mulling this over in my mind because I am proud of her to notice this whole fortune thing is just for fun and she so doesn’t take it seriously. But on the other hand her FAVORITE color has been purple and well… we’ve got a lot of purple in this house. She’s even wanted to paint her whole room (ceiling and walls) you guessed it: PURPLE. How easy would it have been for her to keep the fortune, focus on her favorite color and add it to her purple collection? Rolling her eyes, tossing it in the trash, and walking away was what she chose to do in that moment in time.

So, what is your color purple? Is it a magic number in the bank account? A dress size? A coordinating manicure and pedicure? How about a hair color (you got me there!)? A particular vacation? What about a promotion? One thing I’ve noticed is it has become an interesting struggle as I place high value and confidence in things that aren’t purple but still make the promise of fortune and luck in modern day Babylon. Don’t get me wrong, many people operate most efficiently as they are working towards a means to an end. Placing confidence in the temporal is part of being on this earth. But when we think those things will bring luck, fame or fortune as Christians we are called to re-evaluate our interpretations of what really makes us confident and… happy.

No Tarot cards, No 1-900 calls, Don’t need to read the stars I know the one who made them all, Don’t need a horoscope or tea leaves left in my cup, No séance guy to give me hope, I know the one who makes the stuff
Lyrics from “Your Will”, written by Mike Shaw

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