Some Free Advice

This person didn’t ask for my help but I gave it to him anyway.

A couple of years ago I was at home, doing whatever I do at home. The doorbell rang. A modern day traveling salesperson was there at my door washing the glass door with some extraordinary cleaner that he just knew I needed. He was young, well dressed and absolutely working his hiney off.

He was excited as he cleaned my glass door for free. Giving me the salespitch and absolutely throwing himself into his work it was hard to say no. But I did.

“You are absolutely one of the best people to stop by my door and try to sell me something. I understand, I have been in sales, too and I appreciate what you are doing. YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB! I don’t need your product right now but I PROMISE if you keep doing what you are doing up the hill and down the street YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE SALE. Just not to me.”

Was that mean? I don’t think so. He really was doing a good job. I told him so. But I really didn’t have time or interest in his product. I knew, however, that in order for him to keep going he needed to know that he was doing a bang up job and his next sale was right around the corner. I sure hope he kept going. He probably owns the traveling glass cleaner store by now.

Why do I share this with you? Because if someone is trying to sell you something and you don’t want it please tell them no. If they are really cut out for the job, they can SO take it. If they can’t take it they either need to personally develop into the the kind of salesperson who can accept a “no” or find a new job.

And you can have that advice for FREE!

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  1. Dad says:

    Thanks for sharing that story. You are correct.

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