Hold Your Horses!

We’ve been experiencing drought conditions here in Alabama for weeks now. In the last two days I have finally seen some much needed downpours. We got in the middle of one at the stables yesterday. Yesterday’s horseback riding lesson was of utmost importance because Melodi fell off the horse last week. I don’t ride and can’t seem to understand what happened. All I know is there was crucial window of opportunity for her to get back on the horse and move on, pressing forward in her goal of learning how to become an equestrian. Luckily, the incident happened toward the end of the lesson and my son Canon has taught me to respond to such mishaps with the “shake it off mentality.” He is a cannonball on two legs. Although my stomach stays in a constant knot I can now stay composed in most any situation. So much so that the instructor told me how much she appreciated my response and wished other parents could do the same.

Having said that still didn’t make it any easier for me to get her to the lesson yesterday. I was nervous, so was she but it was not our desire to let the horse get the best of both of us. A torrential downpour began and I was grateful, how we have so needed the rain. Driving up to the farm I notice there are currents of water running everywhere. After finding a like new umbrella, I hand it off to Melodi and off she goes. Looking for the umbrella took me into the rear of the SUV which meant I had to scramble my way back to the front seat. I look at my toddler son and confide to him, “I’m so stressed out…” and as I look out the front window I see Melodi absolutely drenched. She has fallen into a puddle that is the size of a small lake.

The rain had slowed before I let her out of the car; I never dreamed she would wind up in the water. I missed the whole thing… she was wet, all the way down to the her bones. Leaving Canon in the car I run out to see the most pitiful site I’ve ever seen in her life. There we were, very willing but our spirit was becoming weaker by the second. We find the instructor in the indoor arena, with her horse ready to begin. Melodi is re-thinking this whole thing and I’m wondering where the heck I am going to find a change of clothes. I’m also hoping Canon doesn’t drive off in the car.

Going back to the car to retrieve my son, I happen to locate a shirt. Our instructor comes up with pants and although her shoes were filled with water we dried her off enough to start the lesson. 15 minutes late. Did I mention we had actually been on time? The ran has tapered off and I notice how incredibly dirty we all are… Canon plays fetch with the yellow labrador out at the barn and Melodi begins gracefully “posting”, which was a first in the last 7 months of lessons.

I can’t decide if it was the wet undergarments, the squishy shoes or the fact that once she got all dressed she looked at me and said, “We are so going to laugh at this at tomorrow.” All I know is I’ve got one heck of a daughter! She gives grace and composure an entirely new definition. I am so proud to be her mom!

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  1. Shelley, I seriously could not handle all of that. We will see what Morgan decides later on for her hobbies. Last night (this is so awful) I had spent a lot of time catching up around the house since I had been sick. I was doing the deep cleaning when I walked in the kitchen around 10:45pm and there was a HUGE roach on the ceiling. I about came out of my skin. I quickly made a plan…I got on the chair, grabbed clorox spray (I know) and got the broom. I began to spray at it and it fell I beat it to death with a broom and screamed. Seriously! Rod was sleeping so I could not get him to do the dirty work. I left the roach there on the floor with the broom. I wrote him a 3 page note in BIG BOLD letters and left it for him to see first thing. I almost passed out from the smell of the Sharpie as I wrote how horrified I was about it and that I couldn’t bring myself to clean it so he was going to have to. Our bug guy comes once a month and had just come. I told him how roaches are from the devil and that he needed to get our bug guy back here. He is good friends with him so he took my notes up to his house this morning. I was so embarrassed…but seriously that is how I reacted to a bug :) . I shouldn’t even tell this story :) he he!!
    I wouldn’t have done well with the mud, or falling off of the horse.

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