Land of the Free

This Independence Day has much more significance because one of my very own family members is active in the US Air Force. Uncle Tim left just a few short weeks ago to complete a tour of duty in the Middle East with the Air Force Band; we expect him home very soon. Tim is Mike’s brother and because of the internet we have actually had an opportunity to correspond with him! Amazing!

He is busy over there and we are getting a glimpse of the “real deal.” After experiencing my freedom over the past 35 years I still don’t think I will ever truly comprehend the amount of unseen work that goes into keeping us free in the United States. Stuff makes the headlines but I am so grateful to get hear of Tim’s first hand experience when he arrives home. We are so very proud of him and his wife, Aunt Tina, who is home in Warner Robins, Georgia holding down the fort.

I’ve got dead grass in my front yard but at least it is on American soil. And I have debts that need to be paid but last I checked they can be paid in American dollars. And the mosquitoes that ate me alive this week, let me remind you they feasted on red American blood!

To get to spend an afternoon in an air-conditioned environment or on a long lunch break is called freedom. After thinking about all this it sort of makes me really want to do something with it.

America is too great to dream small.

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