Birthday Bliss

It’s pretty crazy when your metabolism starts dictating what you want for your birthday. Honestly, we could’ve been in the best jewelry store in Nevada and I still would have wanted to eat $200 worth of Italian food for my birthday dinner somewhere on the strip. There were LOTS of choices, we could’ve done a progressive meal from hotel to hotel and created an 8 course meal or something like that. But b/c my feet were quickly swelling from the walking and the heat I chose a wonderful Italian place in the hotel we were staying in and ate PASTA… and ended with tirmasu. There was bread, REAL Caesar salad (non of that diet dressing stuff) and a very simple WHITE sauced (not heavy, really rather light) pasta dish. For those of you post-baby and in your mid-thirties who stay on a diet you know I just described the most perfect meal. And someone else cooked it! I would like to think it was like the movie Ratatouille without the rat… back in the kitchen, a gourmet chef barking orders, “for the birthday girl!”

After being upgraded to a rather large suite, shopping for a new outfit (without kids and my husband close by giving me thumbs up), and just plain old-fashioned sightseeing you can see why the day was just about perfect. I even put $5 in the Kenny Rogers’ slot machine and got a$56 voucher back. How about that?!

BIG shouts out to my sisters for making sure the kiddos weren’t left alone. Along with my mom, dad and in-laws going far, far away for my birthday would not have been possible. Words cannot possibly say what Mike’s time and money meant to me on this trip… (oh, Las Vegas says “thanks” too). 35 looks like it is going to be the best year yet!

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