Afternoon Showers

As a married woman and a mother of two young children it occurred to me today that the series of events that brought me to this present life were afternoon showers. Maybe a dozen? Between wedding and baby showers I must have had that many. Gracious giving and lots of eating were contributing factors that brought me to my now thirty something state. I thought of this in the shower. In the afternoon. Not at 6am, 7am or even 8am… I was finally getting a shower at 4pm (which no one told me at the baby showers would really become the case for mothers of young children) and it became clear this was a very different shower than what you usually think of as an afternoon shower. Rush in, turn the water up really loud so you can’t hear the baby cry, lock the door so your first grader can’t burst in… did I wash my hair? When was the last time I washed my hair? Finally, a few short minutes later you open the shower quietly and listen… no crying, no telephone (I think I took it off the hook?)… maybe it’s just the fog from my steaming hot moment of silence still covering up the sounds of chaos. Slowly unlock the door and listen again… it’s still quiet. Not at all like the wedding and baby showers with friends and family gave advice and shared stories. No, this afternoon shower became an escape pod for an overly tired Mom who spent the afternoon outside sweating at the park, attempting to exhaust two children.

Oversleeping got me here today and maybe that’s just as well because I realize now more than ever how very important it is to be up before EVERYONE else and have some time with the Lord. I need to have some time by myself in the Word before the needs of my home must be met. He heard my prayers today and gave me something profound to sit and think about. As I got out of the shower, hurrying to type before these thoughts before they left me, (it’s like an Olympic event just to sit at a keyboard at 5pm in the afternoon,) I decided that this afternoon shower was as important as the ones where you eat petit fors and open gifts. Let me explain.

King David in the Old Testament explains that giving his early and best time to the Lord is the equivalent of a soldier’s preparation before going into battle… he expects that same dedication of me as a wife and mother. How fortunate I am to recognize this and be able to share it with you, Dear Sister! Let’s put on that whole armor of God (you know we need it!) and give him our early and best time. Let me hear from you and tell me how you’re doing on this…

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  1. Shannon says:

    Girl…that so blessed me. You are right….He needs our best time so we can be at our best. I feel the very same. There are mornings that I want to push snooze…and sometimes I do. Those are the mornings I am so unprepared. So I am anxious for the next morning so I can get up…make my coffee, read my Bible and sometimes just be quiet before the Lord. How I’m doing this? Girl…just like you. Just knowing that if I don’t, I am the one that misses out. Those 15 to 30 minutes of extra sleep don’t come near to the blessings I get in my quiet place each morning. Those moments have become pricess and my gift to me. This blessed me…I love your site…. when is the book coming out? :) I love ya! Shannon

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