Back To School Sketchers

Honestly, I stumbled across this tax free holiday thing in Alabama this weekend. I knew it was out there but had no idea it was this weekend. Which made the back to school shopping I did on Friday even better when I looked at my receipt! We got several things done but needed to get out today to get back to school shoes. Which, of course, are always sketchers.

For a moment I wanted some back to school sketchers. At least if I was going back to school it would be okay if everyone around me acted like kids. Act your age, not your shoe size just doesn’t seem to be the advice we give each other anymore. Instead, we seem to be tolerating even more adolescent behavior than ever!

Well, that’s a topic for another post.

I bought Nikes in hopes of finding the Shelley who liked to exercise somewhere deep down inside of my body. I’ve let all my fitness certifications lapse and I guess after leading classes for seven years I just sort of got a little slack? Maybe I can at least show up and do PE with Melodi’s class this year. Or maybe I will figure out how to run a marathon. Who knows, the good part about this time of the year is there is certainly the anticipation of something new in the air. And that goes for whatever age you are (or whatever age you are acting like you are!)

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  1. You crack me up! I forgot to comment back about job search stuff. i am finishing some online courses and i hope to start medical transcription. Is selling Arbonne hard??
    Anyway, I would like me some back to school sketchers!! LOL!

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