A Simple Woman?

An idea “borrowed” from my sister-in-law’s blog and “inspired” by The Simple Woman’s Daybook….

Outside my window… it is dark, only a few lightening bugs remain.
I am thinking… that I am really not a simple woman but I will give this a try, it’s time to change the direction of this blog.
I am thankful for… my mother. I would do anything in the world for her.
From the kitchen… we have a new rice cooker/steamer which actually is a way cool new appliance. but not as cool as the Egg Genie. and we have one of those too.
I am wearing… shorts from a consignment store and a top from Walmart. yep, you read that right.
I am creating… gotta give this one some thought – a mess? a light in the darkness? a scrapbook? definitely not a scrapbook.
I am going… to get my hair did in the morning – finally!!!
I am reading…“Preparing Your Daughter for Every Woman’s Battle – Creative Conversations About Sexual and Emotional Integrity”
I am hoping… this gets a little easier – I am supposed to be very descriptive but keep it short at the same time.
I am hearing… our fish tank. it’s trickling – it needs more water. and it’s making me want to head to the bathroom.
Around the house… the boy is in bed and the dad and daughter are in the man cave playing on the computer.
One of my favorite things… Canon’s impromptu “I love you mom” – I must hear it several times out of the blue, everyday
A few plans for the rest of the week: looking forward to date night this Friday! possibly mellow mushroom to try their new gluten free pizza? or maybe we’ll just stay home and play some checkers since both the kids will be spending the night out ;)

1989 drum solo - I'm scanning old pics for our colorguard/maj reunion - that's me on the end

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2 Responses to A Simple Woman?

  1. Stephanie says:

    I love a rice cooker! My parents always had one growing up and they passed it along to me when they got a new one. My favorite is to cook Korean rice in it b/c it’s so sticky. Yum! Also, I recently read from the Every Woman series… the Every Woman’s Marriage. Amazing.

  2. shelley says:


    when we have ya’ll over we’ll need to make something in the rice cooker and exchange recipes!

    talk soon ~ shelley

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