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Outside my window…finally a break – I think it’s 89 degrees and dusk is just an hour away. It is actually pretty cool under the porch ceiling fans. The sun is bright orange, glistening through the trees as it decides to leave us for today.
I am thinking… about how to keep these kids busy this summer! Would love any comments on that one!

I am thankful for… my sweet husband and the totally awesome date we had this past weekend! too much fun!!! mike is the definition of “dear husband”. I <3 my DH.
From the kitchen… gluten free spaghetti noodles with gluten free pasta sauce with sauteed chicken and mozarella – canon even said, “mama mia thatsa the besta!” it was good.
I am wearing… shorts and a tee, surprised?
I am creating… I am still stumped on this one. Me and Canon planted some sunflower seeds. does that count?

I am going… to hit Whole Foods or the Farmer’s Market and make sure we are eating healthy this week. That’s after the kids finish up the Shipley donut holes.
I am reading… Facebook statuses and the news feed.
I am hoping… for a great colorguard reunion this Friday. That was a huge part of my life even though in the grand scheme of things it was a short amount of time… many of us are reminiscing and thinking we might catch a glimpse of the glory days once again.
I am hearing… earlier today – when I started this post it was the kids watch Tom and Jerry. You don’t hear much but the animated music – you know, those mice didn’t speak did they? That was back when cartoons were cartoons, but that’s another post. Now it’s the back porch noise of insects and the highway. and mike singing “buffalo dolphin” in honor of the gulf coast (to the tune of buffalo soldier)
Around the house… we are home much more right now so there is much more of mess. Legos on the floor, spilled lemonade in the kitchen, cat food dumped out around the bowl… wait, that’s not just the summer, that’s ALL THE TIME.
One of my favorite things… is summertime. I was born to be on vacation!
A few plans for the rest of the week: reunion planning, outfit shopping and avoiding the heat.
Here is a picture for thought I am sharing…

Picardi roses from Mike this weekend - the same we used in our wedding

Picardi roses from Mike this weekend - the same kind we used in our wedding

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