Wrecking Balm

Last night we watched the Ultimate Fighting Champion reality show while also watching The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading reality show. All of this was accomplished by using the picture in picture on the lower right hand of the screen. That is an entire blog in itself. But the reason I bring it up is because Mike eventually speaks up and says, “Please show me a guy on this show who has no tattoo.” There wasn’t one to be found.

Today I heard an advertisement for the Wrecking Balm which seems to be the favored solution for tattoo removal. The ad goes a little something like this: REGRET IT. FADE IT. FORGET IT.

How about that? The tattoo craze has created a possible surge in the economy with remedies like the Wrecking Balm. Because I honestly believe a great proportion of the people with tattoos will eventually have the “regret it, fade it, forget it” opinion of their body art. I have to admit, knowing there is a safe way to fade permanent ink stains on your skin might be just the reassurance I need to get a tattoo. But come to think of it NONE of the candidates for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders had visible tattoos. In case I decide to audition that will be one less thing I have to worry about… (besides the stretch marks).

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  1. you are beyond hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

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