Right Time, Wrong Panera Bread

I knew after posting my comments last night on early morning time with God that this Tuesday would set itself apart from the rest, meaning, if I did manage to get up early just really how would that affect my day?

I woke up to the sound of breaking glass in my kitchen… there, RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE COFFEE POT, was my cat running from a drinking glass which was shattered into a million pieces. I thought, oh please… could I at least make coffee without having to dance around shards of glass in the wee morning hours of this day? So, half asleep, mind you, I sweep, inhaling the grounds from yesterday’s coffee (still left in the coffee pot), hoping that it will wake me up. To be honest, by the time I got it together the baby was waking up so maybe 5 minutes of quiet time??? Does anybody know what I’m talking about???!!!

Later that day, I was meeting folks for lunch. I showed up at the right time. At the wrong location. But you know, one other person met me there and the other two were in another zip code. So, we went ahead and ate, making the appropriate celphone calls to figure out who was where. Oops. On to the rest of this Tuesday.

Canon never felt like sleeping, in fact after throwing all his food and refusing to get out of his highchair I knew we were in for fun. At some point he took off his diaper. I will spare you the details but we had a trail poop throughout the house today. It finally occured to me, I’ve been at the wrong Panera Bread for way too long! I know my house is really NOT this dirty, I know I have my act together, the bills have been paid and I have some great recipe to cook for supper tonight. NOT! My Panera Bread experience today somehow parallels my life. Being at the wrong place at the right time. Sometimes this is where we do the most growing, the most relating, where we look at our given circumstances and wonder how we got there. It is at these times I am often reminded that before I even even started my day the Lord directed every step of the way. Something to think about.

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