The 80/20 Rule (revised)

Known as the Pareto Principle this rule applies to so much of life it should be taught in kindergarten. Please note the following case scenarios, I made them up so they aren’t “textbook” quality, just a day to day look at my life and why I believe this rule is right on:

  • church life: In a large group, organization, company, church… 20% of the people do 80% of the work. I am serious! Look at your fraternity or sorority in college… your neighborhood… the parents of your local PTA… I just happen to notice this at church.
  • beach life: If you are on the beach be in the 80%. If you are in the 20% it is because people are looking at you and it may not be for the best reasons. So “blend in” on the beach.
  • work life: In my line of work I must be talking 80% of the time. 80% of my time is spent on income producing activities and 20% are the non-income producing activities.  What this basically means is that 80% of your output determines the results.
  • home life: Do what you like to do with your 80% of time. In your 20% hire out or employ others to do what you don’t enjoy doing. For me that includes ironing. You guessed it, if it is wrinkled it goes out to get ironed.  Or you just wear it wrinkled.
  • best rule of thumb: Smile 80% of the time. Everyone will wonder what you were doing with the other 20%.

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