The Elmo Factor

Elmo was interviewed on ‘The View’ this morning. Which reminded me of something.

Over the summer we watched Elmo’s interview on Larry King. What is so absolutely crazy about this is the voice of Elmo is not who you would think it is. It is a big African-American man who looks like you may not want to get in a fight with him. But out of this big guy comes this sweet little Elmo voice. He sings, he rhymes, he is adorable. And the voice behind the cute furry red character is incredibly talented and doesn’t resemble Elmo in the least. How about that?

The Elmo factor is simply this: things may not always be as they appear. Elmo’s voice and his puppeteer just didn’t quite “go” together. That’s not a bad thing. However, speaking out of both side of one’s mouth could be a bad thing. Like if Elmo was cute and furry with his pre-school voice and then out of nowhere came the man’s voice… talk about freaking out a little kid! That would freak me out! We’ve seen it though in various forms and fashions. Call it two-faced, call it double-talk, pandering or spinning… call it what you will… I will call it the Elmo Factor and I will try to avoid it at all cost.

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