Ants in My Pants

Not really, but they are in my kitchen.

This has happened before but today it was true army. A force to be reckoned with. The day got started bright and early as Canon is the only morning person in our house. We were due at a birthday party by 10am and after the “hurry up or we’ll be later than usual” speech I realized I forgot my celphone. Being “out of touch” for a morning was a bit of a vacation but by the time I got back home (with an extra kid in tow nonetheless) we had poison in the kitchen and Mike was on a mission. I am sure he tried to give me a heads up but got my voicemail. Anyway, no one was allowed in the kitchen and again, I had the same feeling one gets when you forget your celphone… the “ahhh, peace. but wait, I know I am needed, I AM THE MOM and what if….” I am not sure what to call that feeling but you know the one.

It was great not to go in the kitchen today; however, I started out there. I usually spend enormous amounts of time there. But by 10am my kitchen duties were null and void. There needs to be a hallmark card holiday that celebrates getting out of your kitchen. When you care enough to send the very best, care enough to tell a loved one to stay out of her kitchen for a day, household pests or no pests.

With that being said, I can’t thank Mike enough for attacking these ants. They were carrying eggs, they were moving their nest by way of our house. Seems weird but it gets even weirder when you think we have a ant farm that we are trying to keep alive in our kitchen closet while we are killing the ants that are trekking through it. As Mike explained those are two totally different things. At any rate, I say again that I have not had to spray, vacuum or kill the ants in any way, shape or form. He did it, going on at least 12 hours and they are still on the move. I appreciate his strategery and the fact that I got a entire kitchen holiday out of the deal. It’s nice to be married to someone who is willing to go to bat for you before calling in the professionals. Although, with as much googling as he did on the ants today I would say he is a professional. I am just rambling now which means I need to get back to blogging more often as not to bore the reader with useless information. I will try to blog again very soon as I am sure there will be something else going on that will enhance your life in some way. Check back soon. I’ll let you know what happens with the ants.

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