Thirty Days of Thankful – Days 5 and 6

continuing a concerted effort towards a spirit of thankfulness…

I am grateful for a real place called Heaven. As a professing Christian, believing that only in and through Christ Jesus, I have an invitation stamped with grace to enter in God’s presence. That this salvation is not about good works and that all my sins, past, present and future were taken on by Jesus as he became the propitiation for me – appeasing the wrath of an offended God and reconciling me to Him, by death on a cross.

I can enter Heaven, at my appointed time, like my Dad and others before him and become perfected physically and mentally. Knowing love, trust and peace wait on me, in a real place called Heaven is what I am thankful for today. Thank you God for making that offer available to everyone, to be welcomed into Heaven as believers in Christ. And thank you that I see you also meant it for me, and for my Dad, to be a part of your great story.

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