Thirty Days of Thankful – Day 14

As I listen to my oldest child tell the stories of her first youth group retreat, I remember fondly my days at VHBC. A member of their youth group from 7th grade until 12th grade, I have many good memories of many trips, many friends and a genuine appreciation for those folks who poured into my life at that time. Sunday school teachers, youth group leaders, chaperons and dear friends contributed in a such a positive way into the person God was shaping up to become a wife, a mom, a contributing member of society.

One of the fun memories I have from youth group is playing a game called “Sardines” in the church, long after “normal” church activities had ended for the night. For some reason or another, a group of us would be left waiting on rides or avoiding homework (a typical Sunday night dilemma for sure) and we’d turn our downtime into a game. Someone would hide, it was always completely pitch black and most of the time in the sanctuary. When you found the person, you stayed with them, until everyone was smashed up like sardines against each other, trying to be quiet in an effort not to be found… the last person looking for the group lost! A most fun time-waster for sure.

It was always fun, sometimes serious, sometimes not ;)

I made my best friends in youth group. I got married at that church. Some of the people who reached out to me this time last year when my Dad died were those very people, I appreciate that more than anyone could ever know. The space it would require to really express my gratitude is just not enough on this one weblog page. Thank you Heavenly Father, for giving me my church youth group experience and allowing all of us to be part of your great story.

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